Mud ep – Yuuyu Aensland ASR014

Mud ep – Yuuyu Aensland ASR014

Peter ToshTrap – Glitch – Bass Music

EP ASR014 All Right Reserved © 2015

Yuuyu Aensland is a Beatmaker & DJ living in Makai (Pandemonium) near Japan.

Y.A. productions are influenced by Trap, Glitch or Dubstep music. In 2011 Yuuyu released a 1st Album « Her Memories » couples of years later, Yuuyu Put out 2 EPs  « Export » and « This EP » on bandcamp.

Today, Yuuyu Aensland release a fresh EP called « Mud » on Alouette Street rec, pure basslines, strong beats, wicked melodies, out on Bandcamp and most plateforms.

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avril 19th, 2015

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