Infected by ElectriCat ASR006

Infected by ElectriCat ASR006
Dubstep - Garage - Uk Bass
Release date
15 April 2013
Infected by ElectriCat ASR006
15 April 2013 | Dubstep - Garage - Uk Bass

ElectriCat vizu“ Infected ” by ElectriCat

Dubstep / BassMusic / BassLine / Various
EP ASR006 All Right Reserved © 2013
Mix / master by J-L Sauvage “La main verte studio”
Visual by: Rakl

ElectriCat is a french producer, singer and songwriter which travelled along the french dancehall scene for years. From soundsystems to soundsystems he built himself a beatmaker reputation, and his music grown to uk bass style.
It’s with “ALOUETTE STREET RECORDS” that he comes back with a brand new EP called “INFECTED” which is skillfully mixing dubstep, groovy breakbeat and bassline.