# Pheeetus & Bobby Solo – Uk

# Pheeetus & Bobby Solo – Uk
Pheeetus & Bobby Solo
London Uk
Trap - Glitch - Rap

Pheeetus & Bobby forestPHEEETUS & BOBBY SOLO

Coming straight outta Gash Town. Pheeetus & Bobby are 2 skank muthafuckas ready to blow the shit from your speakers.

Pheeetus is a newly born dirtburger raised by Rick James. He’s heavily influenced by Trap, Glitch and all things filthy.
Bobby Solo is the CEO of Just Stay Driven. With the unmistakable voice of a sordid angel.
His lyrics defined – Like a punch in your fucking face!
You can currently find them stinking up London’s Trap/Bass scene.

Booking: info@alouettestreet.fr